My name is Vikas Sharma and I am authorized LIC Agent and Apollo Munich Health Insurance agent based in Mumbai, India. I chose to become insurance advisor over other because I realized that people in India still neglect insurance. To me, insurance is not just a product, it’s essential thing just like food, water, shelter.

We insure our vehicles… Just image what is the worth of a vehicle? 3 Lakh or may be 40 lakh. If 40 lakh vehicle is worth insuring than why not Life?

We have tendency to put mobile cover on the very first day we buy it? Don’t we? We spend around 300 rupees to put tamper glass, back cover to protect our mobile. The average mobile costs around 15000 rupees than too don’t we protect it with the additional accessories like tamper glass, back cover.

So, decide what’s your worth? To be honest life has infinite value but while choosing an insurance we must know the value in terms of Money.

Let’s say you earn 30,000 / month and your expenses are 20,000 / month so at any cost your family will need 20,000 / month to survive. Please note: Just to survive and not luxury. So, plan accordingly. If you are not around your family, they will still need money and while choosing the insurance depending upon the family expense you will also need to consider the Inflation.  Inflation is something that creates the gap. So, a household that spends 20,000rs / month will spend 64,142.71 rs/ month after 20 years assuming the inflation at 6%.

So, to me a person with 20000 rs / month expense should take insurance of at least 1 crore.

Now, there are different plans in the market and different players including large number of private players but LIC India (Life Insurance of India) is the most trusted company amongst all. Not all because its been around for almost over 50 years but also due to high settlement ratio. LIC ranks on top when it comes to death settlement and that too over 95% death settlement ratio. While on the other hand private players has low death settlement number. So, now you know which company to choose when protecting your family from any bad circumstances. LIC is what I would suggest and most of the people in India will recommend when it comes to Life insurance.

Now, choosing the right plan at the right age is important.

Life insurance is not a thing to make you rich, but to prevent your family to become poor. So, always keep in mind when buying life insurance. And I personally suggest, Term plans over all the other if you don’t have sufficient life cover.

Similarly, Health insurance is essential part of life. Imagine, you fell ill and hospital billed you for 8 lakh. There would be significant dent on your savings that would not only erase your hard earned savings but will also destroy your future dreams. So, in short, insure your family with Health Insurance.

How do I create wealth? Creating a wealth is the task which should be left with financial professionals. Imagine, Doctor working as Architect … Can you? No. Similarly, wealth can be created when your money is handled by professional. Does the top financial advisor charge you? Yes, ofcourse. So, what is the way? Mutual Fund.

Mutual fund are handled by professional Fund Managers who knows how to invest and where to invest. You just need to put your money in right Mutual Fund. You can see the performance of past year returns, sector they invest and reliability of Fund Manager, Portfolio manager etc. But I am here to assist you on the basis of your risk taking capacity. But remember, wealth can be created by investing in Equity Mutual Fund.

I am happy to discuss your insurance and wealth creation need. Give me a shout at 7021205403.